Resources for Approved Applications

Once Repository Applications are fully approved through the Repository review process, investigators will need to submit the following forms:

Supplemental Form: Required for all approved biospecimen requests.
Material Transfer Agreement (MTA): Required for all approved biospecimen requests, after funding is secured.
Data Transfer Agreement (DTA): Required for all approved requests for data only (no specimens).
CSAP Concept Sheet for new SWAN publications, submitted when approved applications are funded, or used as an application for data (only) requests not seeking new funding.
CSAP_Submission_Form.docx (Microsoft Word)

Additional resources:

How to create your datasets
Investigators with approved and funded studies may use the Data Warehouse to browse, compare, and assemble lists of variables that will be used to achieve study aims. (Click here to assemble lists by keyword or click here to assemble lists by custom search.) These variable lists may be saved and edited. When complete, the lists will be constructed into cross-sectional SAS datasets at the Repository and sent to the approved study personnel via a secure online file transfer folder (M+Box).
Annual progress reports
1-2 page progress reports are due from all approved applicants annually from approval date (date of Approval Letter) until data has been returned to Repository.
Acknowledgements: For Manuscripts & for Abstracts, Posters, etc (short version)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS_forReposWebsite.docx (Microsoft Word)
How to return data to the Repository; When data is considered for integration with Core SWAN data
Returning_Data_to_the_Repository.pdf (Adobe PDF)